Styling Your Sleeveless Blazer

Sleeveless Jacket or blazer or these days some people call it Kimonos are trendy and i’m also in love with them too. They are really stylish and versatile which makes them easy to style. Sleeveless blazers should be in everybody’s closet. Here are some images of what I am talking about so you can get an idea.

Sleeveless Blazer + Sleeveless Top

Sleeveless 1


Sleeveless Blazer + Shirt

Sleeveless 2

Sleeveless Blazer + Cropped Pant

Sleeveless Blazer

Sleeveless Blazers + Dress

Sleeveless Jacket 4


There are a more ways to  pair your sleeveless blazer with, get creative and try out this trend



1 thought on “Styling Your Sleeveless Blazer”

  1. Diaryofastylishdoctor

    I absolutely love them. They add an extra gorgeousness to outfits when paired rightly and never go out of style

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