Styling your Little Black Dress

The right pair of shoe will make your little black dress look glam, LBD’s are versatile & flattering, whether you find an affordable or expensive piece, the LBD deserves a place in your closet.  Its fun to play dress up with as many shoe styles as possible on a LBD because there various shapes and styles.

Casual Day : To hangout with friends or when you go on date with that special someone, your LBD is the go to.



Extra Casual Day




Formal Outfit : Dressing up to work does not have to be boring, pair your LBD with a blazer and court shoes.




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Party Outfit : For a night out in the club or an event, switch up your shoes for a 3inch heel with the right pair of accessory.

Victoria-s-Secret-Heels-womens-shoes-27156601-424-572 LBDkensey-necklace-gold-teal


Please drop your comment, What style do you prefer?


1 thought on “Styling your Little Black Dress”

  1. So i’ll go for the extra casual look and formal outfit look…d others are cool in their different ways,,but I like these 2 better..

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