Superficial Or Not, Its Your Choice

Most guys always say the ladies are after money and most times we are superficial but lets face it:

Am sure as guy you don’t like yourself when you are broke but the truth is as a girl, when you want to date a guy, yes we do consider whether this guy can take care of us or not but to this there are different levels, so it now depends on what you as a guy wants, if you a babe that is bigger than you pocket, then don’t go around saying all she cares about is money.

There is the girl that cannot date you if you don’t have a car, that’s her criteria, it does not make her a terrible person, but the truth is that she can’t date you if don’t have a car at least.

There are girls that need you to have a car plus they want you to be earning at least 6 figures. most of these girls are easy to spot and they are every where, these are the girls that every guy use to judge the rest of the ladies, the babe in this category is high maintainace, so either deal with it or do not complain.

There are the girls that believe in prospect, the moment they are able to spot the potential in the guy, they will date him and help actualize his dreams.

Lastly, there are the girls that just go with flow, as long they like you, that’s enough for them.

So. you choose what you want and stop making the ladies look superficial.

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