The Consent Issue – Disney’s Snow White Vs Prince Charming

Over the years we have enjoyed every Disney movie, they have helped shaped our childhood and somewhat part of our expectations in our present-day reality. This is great but allow me to just annoy you a bit regarding consent, I found this article about consent. Case Study: Prince Charming Vs Snow White The image above is …

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Wannabe Boyfriend

Yes the guy is hot but the real reason why this post is here is because of the various types of wannabe boyfriend in Lagos : The Transformer This is the guy that will not stop complaining about  how your hair is not in place, or how the dress you are wearing does not suit …

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Talk About What?

If you’re in a new relationship, both of you may have so many questions to ask each other. The moment you guys are done with the new relationship phase, the conversation becomes boring and goes like this: Bae: Sup sweet  Boo : am good Bae : How was your day? Boo: Good, yours Bae : …

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