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Talk About What? - Anything Oye

Talk About What?

If you’re in a new relationship, both of you may have so many questions to ask each other.

The moment you guys are done with the new relationship phase, the conversation becomes boring and goes like this:

Bae: Sup sweet  Boo : am good

Bae : How was your day? Boo: Good, yours

Bae : Great, have you eaten Boo : Yes, have you ? and boring stuff till it ends

And if you’re in a seasoned relationship, both of you may be so accustomed to each other that silence may seem perfectly normal. But every now and then, you do need to bring the excitement and life into a relationship by talking about the right things.

No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, it’s always communication that brings two lovers closer together, and leads to better understanding.

Will be giving you a few tips on what you can talk about:

Work – This is the easiest thing to talk about, there’s always something to talk about work, be it a new project or a bad boss. By talking about each other’s work life, it’ll help both of you understand each other’s professional sides and ethics better.

Daily worries – ‘So what’s been worrying you lately?’ sounds so simple, but yet, it’s something that can make your partner feel grateful and cared for.

Movies and TV shows – There’s always something new and fun every week when it comes to movies and shows. Talk about each other’s favorite shows or the movies both of you are excited to watch.

Friends – It’s always good to know more about each other’s friends. It’s a step closer to learning more about your partner’s life and what they do, especially when you aren’t around.

Sex talk – For a relationship to be successful, sexual intimacy is as IMPORTANT as romantic gestures. Talk about your sexually sensitive spots and erogenous zones, positions you like or want to try, your secret sexual fantasies and whatever it is that turns you on in bed. It’ll be exciting and revealing at the same time.

Your past – The past is always exciting and fun to talk about. You don’t need to talk about past relationships or your sexual details if that makes you feel uncomfortable. But talk about your childhood, your young dreams and all the little things that make you who you are.

The little secrets – Secrets are always fun to talk about. You can talk about secrets as a game where each of you have to take turns to reveal one new secret. It’ll be a lot of fun, and both of you can get to know each other more intimately.

Five year plans – If you’ve been dating for a while, talk about where you see yourself five years from now as a couple. Having shared goals always makes the relationship stronger and gives both of you something to work towards.

There  is so much more to talk about guys…….

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