Tanya Heath – Convertible Shoes Change From Heels To Flats In a Click




We’ve all wished at one time or another that our uncomfortable heels could magically be transformed into comfortable flats with the wave of a wand. Or that we could simply swap the heels on a favorite pair of pumps to give them new life. Thanks to a designer Tanya Heath, you can.



Tanya Heath is a Canadian-born designer, who now lives in Paris, has devoted her life to creating practical, comfortable and beautiful shoes for women. Unlike ordinary footwear, all of Heath’s creations come with interchangeable heels. With a push of a button, shoe lovers can switch between high heels (3.5 inches tall) and low heels (1.5 inches tall).




Shoe lovers what do you think about this?



You can get yours at  www.tanyaheath.com.

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