I Tapped that Once – No Way You Pregnant

So a lot of people will say the lady is to be blamed for getting pregnant and at the end of the day, the woman suffers the most.

But lets look at it without sentiments and be real for once people, who is really to be blamed? both parties in my opinion and both parties are careless.

A man and a woman met and had sex without a condom and a child was made..

The questions people ask is why didn’t the woman use some morning after pill since she knew they had unprotected sex, why didn’t she ask for a condom, so basically all that makes it her fault.

When they had unprotected sex why did the guy do it in her, some guys are not sure ¬†whether or not they did. And yes, there are some unscrupulous girls that get pregnant to get the guy hooked but most times you are digging your grave e.g. Sophia Momodu….Aunty i feel for you.

You have sex with a girl once and she should not get pregnant ….Uncle you go school Oga Burna this one is for you, you tapped that only once, so she cannot get pregnant, this is real life o not Nollywood movie.

The girl is pregnant you blame her for not using pills – you forget about not using condom while having sex ¬†with your girl and you blame her for forgetting about not using a pill, you have a right to forget but she can’t.

Isn’t it enough that she is pregnant and that she has to face most of the judgmental eyes alone, why had more to her problem? Y’all did it together, so why is she all of a sudden at fault now that she is pregnant, she certainly didn’t put it in her.

Do you think the ladies are at fault?



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