Tecno Mobile To Launch 2 Phantom Devices At Global Launch In Dubai

If you ever celebrated the Phantom 6 and Phantom 6 Plus last year because of their innovative features and design then get set to be blown away by the arrival of the latest Phantom.

Speculations have it that the brand is set to launch two models of the Phantom at their forthcoming product launch in Dubai. Riding on the success of the Phantom 6, the device(s) are expected to debut state-of-the-art dual rear cameras with massive specifications and outlandish smartphone camera advancements. Really, if everything goes fine for TECNO Mobile as speculated, the world might finally be transiting into an era where DSLR cameras will only be seen in museums due to the ease, handiness, precision, and quality of the latest Phantom and its cameras.

Though the rumor is yet to be confirmed by the brand however, smartphone critics have been split across two verticals with some saying the move will be somewhat of an over ambition while others believe that the brand which already holds the largest smartphone market share in Africa, are well known for making daring moves that have always paid off, thus this wouldn’t be an exception.


Presumably, whether TECNO Mobile launches a Phantom 7 and 8 in Dubai or not, the fact remains that this October, the smartphone brand will be launching their latest flagship in the far middle-eastern region and guess what, it could be the best device released in 2017 so far.

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