The End of the Beginning

You know it won’t make any sense if you go down that road, let me reiterate, do not have that conversation with her, you will only blame yourself afterwards.

I thought to myself, how bad could it be, it’s a simple conversation about where we are heading to, would we end up together or NOT?

Daniel, I understand your reservations about talking to her, I said but even if it is only for my conscience, I need to do this.

Guy, you are on your own, do not call me when it blows up in your face, he said.

I left Daniel & headed to her place, playing out all the possible scenarios in my head & hoping for the best result but even in my head, I still couldn’t get a satisfying end.

I got to her house, there she was peeking through the window, pretty & hot as hell, if she was hell; I will dine with the devil but fortunately, this is the real world.

I knocked at the door & she opened up, flashed that smile at me but I was determined to do what I was here for, she hugged me & gave me seat, started to talk to me but I couldn’t make out the words coming out of her mouth, then I said to her, I think you have HIV, I just got tested and it is positive.

Brother & Sister when was the last time you got tested?

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