The Good, The Bad & The Good Bad Girl


This is not the regular type of girl kind article or write up. Whatever you want to call it,please know that this is just my opinion.
There are different types of girls in the world….hmmm let me not be flying in Nigeria.



She most times is a church girl, goes for fellowships and church programs and does not party at the club. You won’t find  her at Elegushi beach except she is with her family and friends. She is not necessarily book smart but she sef dey try. This type of girl will Do the Do on lowest of all keys but guess what? A sizable number of them are actually VIRGINS. Yes i said it, there are virgins amongst us.

The PROS of being a Good Girl Hmmmmm….
-She gets married at the right time ( not always )
-She is seen as a role model for other girls
Oh well, that’s all i know at the moment

The CONS of being a Good Girl
– She is VERY VERY BORING ( Rigid & Stiff)
– She could be very naive


-This girl is very interesting, she is fun, has no limit whatsoever. Other girls not in this category secretly envy them or are angry at them. Atimes, they would even wish they were  like them .
-These girls can be found anywhere: club, beach, owambe, church ( probably a chorister)….Jeez the list is endless.
-Sex is like a normal thing ( fornication ,yeah that..its no Biggie ).
– They are also business gurus, open shop for her ..even if its just one complex,i tell you… that’s the End!

The PROS of being a Bad Girl

-They are mostly very rich (they could be broke later every once in a while)
-They are go-getters
-They have all the guys at their beck and call…how annoying
-They do want they want to do without worrying about anyone
-They are the life of the party. ( Your party is boring without them)
-Most times they marry well. ( Trust me this girls can turn their life around the moment they hit the jackpot)
The CONS of being a Bad Girl
-They are prone to a lot STDs ( better watch what you put your thang into)
-They could become rejects in the future ( if they dont play their cards right that is)


These type of girls are the most populated in the Nigerian population.Yeah you will find her in a Church ( modern day gospel churches i see you all)…kidding. Her conscience puts her in check at all times. They try to measure how much sex they should have or who they should give it to. They like to over think things, most girls in this category are book smart, they work their asses off, not very religious but tries her bit in that department.They do like to have fun too.

PROS of being a Good Bad Girl

– She is very smart and independent
– She is not Naive
– She is often a successful career woman.

CONs of being a Good Bad Girl

– She could be easily influenced into being a full blown Bad girl.

Please don’t take this write up too serious, you either agree or disagree.

Drop your opinions in the comment section.




7 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad & The Good Bad Girl”

    1. @Dharmmy, I believe your comment is kinda presumptuous. Church girls sometimes get the best of us cos as much and hard as we party, we understand the differences between a girlfriend and a wife. I definitely don’t want a VGBG (very good bad girl) to raise my kids… i’ll stick to a church girl who would keep the home sane and maybe once in a while, after marriage, we could go chill at a beach or club….youknowadamsayin…

  1. @Anything Oye, I think you’re on point with most of your assertions, however, you were unfair to the church girls. I know a couple of them who I believe are virgins, disciplined, members of a church dept but also know how to have fun. They go to Elegushi with friends when the occasion calls for it and are generally fun to be with…(not altogether boring as you put it). Although, they could be kinda naive (i’ll give you that).

  2. I’m a very good bad girl. I think you are on point with all. Good girls don’t often get the best of husbands and if they do takes a while, but yes we do???

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