The Odd One Out

There are lots of people who feel like they  are the odd ones out. Most times, they feel out place. I happen to be one of those people. I think i’m most comfortable in my house, on my bed and just watching a movie.

When am at an event, I either feel like my hair is not in its proper place or my Belly Pouch is too big and or i don’t look so good in my dress.
As much as I am outspoken and playful, i’m actually really shy. I simply cover up my shyness with being playful. But now, boyyyy, do i care about what people say about me…naa, not  anymore. Realized they ain’t worth it. Now, i have found my comfort zone.

I looked within and i got my magic.  Presently, i just like to have fun and care less about what people say or think, good or bad they are still going to talk anyway.
So the next time you feel out of place or uncomfortable, remember that whether you look, plump, less than beautiful or whatever, they are still going to talk about you.

So let your hair down,flip it and walk away from THEY ….life is short,so enjoy it to the fullest!!!

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