The Style Icons

Remember way back in the early 2000’s when putting on pattern on pattern was an absolute NO, fast forward to 2016, pattern on pattern is in.

Do ever just wonder who makes this decision or what influences this fashion trends from year to year. Just like that this former fashion NO looks good even to you. There are also people that can pull off any style and they look so good, while some people …hmmm just can’t. But this is not simply  TRENDS but STYLE – this is very different.

Style is all about individuality—about creating a look that is unique to you. This is what makes style icons – Style icons mastered this art, curating original looks and ignoring those who criticized them. These men and women in entertainment, design, and modeling spent their lives creating legacies by going against the grain.

Lets look at a few of these Icons:

Pharaell Williams:

Oh well, i don’t like a lot of his fashion choices but isn’t that what style is, stay true to yourself and simply expressing yourself. We all know Pharrell for his hat, but you may not know that he was awarded the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s (CFDA) Fashion Icon Award in 2015. You also may not know that he has partnered with brands like Adidas to design collections, and that he co-owns G-Star Raw. He doesn’t just curate his style, he actually helps create it.



Marilyn Monroe :

This woman started fierce in my opinion, her confidence was beyond the roof. In a time where things were more conservative, she wasn’t afraid to flaunt her curves or show off with fiery red lipstick.


Grace Kelly :

Grace Kelly’s timeless style was centered around classic pieces like pearls. She’s known for her feminine dresses, tailored pants, and Hérmes bag. grace-kelly1-1



This lady started major movement when it comes to street style, she re-invented various hairstyles and she did all that on her own terms. Her style is simply RIHANNA, she is the only woman that would wear a trash can and still look good. Her confidence and sense of style has made her into a different Style Icon.



Audrey Hepburn:

Hepburn gave a new meaning to feminine beauty. Unlike curvy stars before her, she had a slimmer body that she accentuated with simple silhouettes. She often wore plain, monochromatic pieces coupled with ballet flats. This was a change from the shapely skirts and heels of the time. Hepburn also was one of the first to embrace full eyebrows with natural arches. She made her stamp on fashion…after this everyone wanted to be skinny


Coco Chanel:

Chanel’s simple, elegant style made her aesthetic timeless. However, during her time she pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable. She popularized the little black dress, a garment that was previously primarily worn at funerals. She also created the iconic Chanel suit, which was inspired by menswear and had a looser silhouette than other popular garments, providing women with functional, fashionable attire as they became more involved outside of the household.



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Who are your favorites?

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