The Yoruba Greeting Syndrome

So i went to church to see my mother, just after weekly service, as i was approaching her, i noticed she was talking to an elderly woman in church. So she told me to wait for her where i was, just when i was about to sit she called me to where they were before i knew what was happening this woman went in on me…

Elderly Woman : Don’t greet me because your mum is here

Me : Shock written all over my face ( Scanning my brain for pictures of the days i greet whenever i see her in church)

Me : I do greet you ma, Mum signals at me not to talk.

Elderly Woman : No you don’t greet me, maybe cos you are now grown.

Me : I greet you ma, maybe you do not hear me

thought to myself, yeah maybe don’t kneel as much as i did now but i know i greet you na

Elderly Woman : Yes, you greet and just walk away as if you are greeting your mate

Me : thinking so now you agree that i greet you but i just don’t kneel….ok

Me : Am sorry ma, will change (#rme)

As a yoruba girl, i can say we take greeting too serious, like must i greet or kneel on both knees to show that i am respectful. (like they say kneeling is not respect  in yoruba ikunle o se iwa)

As a Yoruba girl, I can say we take greetings too serious. I mean, must I greet you to show you that I respect you.
Why must we greet?  Why is it such a big deal? What if there is something on my mind?
The way older people take this greeting thing sef, is just too serious. I just can