If You Think You are Smart, Join The Camon CM Guess Game to Win Big

Hey guys, you might have heard about the latest TECNO Camon device in town, in fact, it was touted as the first full view smartphone with the best value for customer. This is because it enables you to see more from texting, video to gaming… thanks to its 18:9 full view display.

One of the things I can guarantee about the mobile giant – TECNO Mobile, is the love they have for their customers. That is why this time around they want their fans to See More of everything on their mobile device.

So if you think you are smart and ready to take your mobile experience to an awesome and immersive level. The Camon CM Guess Game which was announced on TECNO official Facebook page is the right place to start.

The Camon CM Guess Game comprises of three uncompleted story lines which will be posted weekly on TECNO’s official pages, and you are required to guess the next action by completing the story with what you think could happen next and accompany your answer with the Hashtag #ExpandYourHorizons.

Below is Guess Game 1.All you need to do is to complete the part that is missing with what you think could happen next.

How to join the competition – TECNO Camon CM Guess Game

STEP 1 – Guess the next action by completing the story or telling us what happened next in the 3 incomplete actions (text, football and game) posted on our pages. This will run for 19 days.

STEP 2 – Post your answer as a comment under the pinned post on TECNO’s Facebook page with the hashtag #ExpandYourHorizons or on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and TECNOSpot with the same hashtag #ExpandYourHorizons. Tag and follow TECNOMobileNG on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter and TECNOSpot to make your entry valid.

How it will work:

Day 1 – Guess the next action of the story that will be posted on the page

Day 4 – Vote for the likely answer from the 3 options that will posted on the page

Day 5 – Watch out for the final answer

  • The first 10 participants that gets the correct answer across platforms (4 from Facebook, 2 from Instagram, 2 from Twitter and 2 from TECNO Spot) wins the gift items.
  • The correct answer is the likely answer with the highest number of vote on each platform.

At the end of the campaign, 2 people that participated in the 3 series and answered the questions correctly will win the TECNO Camon CM. This will be by a lucky dip event that will be streamed live on our Facebook page 9th of February.

  • We will reveal the correct answer on the 5th day of each series.
  • Activity runs from 15th January – 2nd February, 2018.

Visit TECNOSpot for terms and conditions.

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