Thinking is Expensive. Who is suppose to pay for it?

The neurons speeding through the tunnels in the brain, the flow of blood to and from the brain, the uneasy body movement, irregular body heat, tickling hot sweat, constant itching of the hair or head which all leads to the spark or ahhh moments received from a new found knowledge. A thought has been discovered!! What an exciting moment and this must be shared with others.

Overtime, thinking has been done by the few, the unseen, those that sit back watching processes and how to make life easier and like gods watch their creations unfold into limitless possibilities. These days this isn’t for a selected few but a lot more people have finally awoken from creativity slumber.

Before the internet revolution, two companies had already awoke and set a standard which today our lives are cycled around; Google and Facebook.

80.5 % global search engine- Google

2 billion active users- Facebook


There are 2 types of people Creators and Users. Also, there are the unseen financial backbone. The core values and vision when they set out has made them create unimaginable growth and power but are their missions still the same?

In recent times, they have master the art of persuasion which other companies and their applications have adopted. Trying their possible best to keep a user on site as long as possible. Facebook shapes the way we consume news, Google shapes the way we interact with information. The dominance of these companies will flow into and change the ideology of culture ecosystem. Sometimes it feels like a monopoly but technically they are not as they take just 70% of the entire ecosystem and are not solely in charge of the distribution of information yet.

By Josh Kurp

But one thing they’re solely in charge of is our Personal data, which is a scarier resource and they therefore are able to produce more personalized products, advertising more effectively and targeted which brings in more data and the companies grows further. They have no strong competition in their marketplaces. They have a concentration of everything like power, wealth, control over government(s) and other institutions of authority.

So who pays for these thoughts and their results?! Many will say Users based on its growth but an Investors pay ($$) therefore has the larger say on the business direction and impact once ROI is met quarterly, they are fine which isn’t supposed to be so because invariably some unsaid, unseen, not “based by the book” decisions will be done based on profit generation and not impact penetration of their instruments of “work” on its customers/consumers when checks and balances should have been placed to curtail the powers of these corporations in their actions.

So whatever ideas, innovations are motivated not for the cause of the initial vision but now to the satisfaction of those behind the $$ money. So every time there’s a new idea or “to-do” we have to make sure it doesn’t jeopardize the vision of the Investors; and tender the “make me happy moments” in form of yearly or quarterly PowerPoint reviews to justify the money given.

In all it’s for social good and technological growth that we have thought sorted applications and devices to make our lives easier and less stressful. But think about it today, at what cost are they made?

Just trying to make sense of it all.



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