Caution – Thursday Rant In Progress

“don’t put up thirsty pictures if you can’t deal with thirsty reactions”   – Sam

“If i don’t say anything about you after a breakup, you have not right to talk about me” #thursdayrantwithoye– J

“These days everybody is either an MUA or Tailorleran #fashiondesigner……nobody wants to be a doctor anymore oh i forgot they are on strike… #whichwayNigeria#thursdayrantwithoye – Pelumi

“Office Politics are the worse, if you can’t play it well, then don’t bother,  especially with people that feel entitled to not do anything and then the guts to call another lazy…silly”#thursdayrantwithoye – Mo

“Girls can be smart every once in a while, other times they think they are smart but we know the Truth”#thursdayrantwithoye – Gboye

“Since i started working, i have not solved DY/DX in any of the projects i work with at work, waiting for the day i will finally need it. #thursdayrantwithoye – Timmy

“Calling people fat or ugly is very wrong and hurtful#thursdayrantwithoye – Nobody


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