ThursdayRantwithOye – The Nigerian Family Respect Crap

This is coming from a place of experience for me, I do not know if this happens in other tribes but In the Yoruba tribe this respect shit is not right. I was brought up to be respectful and polite and all that which I’m. If I think you are older than me, I respect your ass, if you demand that I call aunty or brother something, I will, its no big deal, it does not bother me.

To What bothers Me:

Why do cousins, brothers, uncles or whoever in the family that thinks they are older than you, feel they can cheat you and get away with it and if you speak up against it, everybody else calls you rude?

#because you ‘re older does not mean you get to do shit with me and get away with it, I deserve to be treated like a human cause I have got feelings. Yoruba families really need to stop this shit and call out anybody no matter the age.

Yes..let me rant…

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