Top 10 Games of the 90’s

If you are 90s kids you should know a few of these games:

  1. Ten Ten – As a girl, this was the way of life, if you did not do this in secondary school, I have to ask you just one question, WHAT DID YOU DO?


2. Suwe – This was another game for every young child growing up in the 90s.


3. After Round One – This was a game of pain and I really do not understand why we put ourselves through all that and do not even get me started with the words of the rhyme. ” AFTER ROUND ONE, ORIGINAL PANDOL EXTRA, O TU GBE DE” please what was the thought process behind this one?

4. Tinko Tinko

5. Who is in the garden – Y’all remember this …lol

6. Moni Moni, Mo deji, Modeji (Yes I’m Razz like that) – this will be very popular amongst the Yoruba Folks, we use to count fingers for whatever reasons, I do not know what the logic was but it was fun back then. (If you know you know)

7.  Boju Boju – The Nigerian Version of hide & seek.

8. Catcher, Police & Thief – They were too rough for me, I always tried to avoid them.

9.  There is fire on the mountain.

10. All card games – Jackpot, donkeyride, Whot etc


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