Traffic On The Pedestrian Bridge At Ojota

Yesterday Monday morning on my way to walk, i will normally cross the express on ikorodu road at ojota, who has time for bridge climbing (who bridge don epp) and then i noticed large number of people running like headless chickens to cross the road, just because some guy in uniform opened a part of the barricade for them to pass through, Am like i will just use the bridge and i looked up at the bridge and behold i saw the bridge with hundreds of people in gridlock traffic, i have never seen such a thing in my life, one fall on that bridge equals to stampede and not to mention a few deaths. Sharp sharp I joined the headless chickens to pass through the barricade that was now opened due to HUMAN TRAFFIC on the bridge.

On my way home that evening, myself and a colleague got to ojota, she was to use the BRT home and myself to cross the express back or use the bridge, we saw the queue on oregun road and i was telling her that the BRT queue today is long o, little did i know that the queue on oregun road was for the people that want to use the bridge on ikorodu, so I went back to end of the queue to start my journey with my colleague laughing at me. I spent 25 mins on the queue to use the bridge.

Later at night, I checked my intelligent Governor’s post on instagram, he was quite happy with his accomplishment. See below:




Are we progressing or retrogressing, in what country do people line up to use the bridge.

There is no provision for people using wheel chair, all the pedestrian bridges are constructed to favour only people that can walk.

Also the stairs on Ojota bridge are small, your leg aches after climbing, what happens to older people trying to use the bridge?

Just because of this compulsory measure, they now snatch phones and valuables even in broad day light on that bridge.

Forcing people to do things without providing a better alternative, has never and will never work.

What happened to making the bridge wider and accommodating for all that are going to different directions, since you want us to start using the bridge.

This morning on my way to work, the RRS or KIA guys that are suppose to control the traffic were not on that bridge yet.

Now i have to wake up earlier than usual to add the bridge traffic time to my schedule, so that i won’t be late.

Which Way Nigeria?

Gov Ambode who you epp? (just like you are moving brt lanes to another position…whyyyy?)

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