Types of People At A Nigerian Wedding

There are various types of people you will meet at a Nigerian wedding, some mean well, some do not and some are just in the middle

The Food Mongers : We are simply there for the party jollof rice and if you are like me you won’t be happy if there is no fried rice plus salad to go with it.

Fashion Police : They are simply there to see the bride’s wedding gown plus make up, whether she slayed or not. And they won’t rest until they have found something negative about the wedding.

Selfie Lovers : They are simply there to take pictures of themselves slaying at every event…aint nothing wrong with taking pictures though.

The Dancers : They are the life of the party, simply there to have fun, the moment the floor is opened to the public, they will turnup so bad, the bride and groom will probably just sit and watch.

The Fashionistas : Theses set of people are different from the fashion police, they are there to slay in every way possible, they will spend a fortune on their outfit and its not even their wedding.

The Bae Hunters : Simply at the wedding to catch a boo and they will not find fufillment until they exchange numbers with a potential boo or bae.

Souvenir Hunters : This annoys more than anything but you can’t do without them at every wedding, they simply want everything and anything shared at the event.

The Classy People : They barely say much at the wedding or interact with people, they probably won’t touch their food either. They just come chill with their people, drop their gifts for the couple and slip out before you even notice them.

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