Use Condoms Even After Marriage

Hear me out first, before you kill me – I saw a story somewhere about a woman that got this disease from her husband as a result of his sleeping around. Before the disease she asked that they use protection because she did not trust his ways but he refused. Obviously, what man will use a condom with his LEGALLY married wife.

Fast forward to present day, she got a nasty STI, with her hoohah smelling like fish & spoilt raw egg.
So is it really safe to go skin to skin with your married partner, can you truly trust him or her with everything you have that he or she is at least using a condom with the many many girls & guys out there?

Remember, this a world were some ladies go into marriages accepting that sooner or later their better half will cheat on them. The others are either filled with the Holy spirit or have the fear of God

I also heard that some single ladies have a thing for newly married men oh ….stop it…that’s a joke.. You will find your own husband too by God’s grace. hmm… get they say “Pay back ┬áis a …..”

To All, even if you are going to soil your marriage vows, can you at least have decency to use a condom and save your wife or husband from the drama of STDs.

However,this does not mean you should soil your marriage… There’s great honour in loving and sticking to your one and only spouse.

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