My Version of The News Around The World

The struggle for a post is so real, i thought blogging would be easy as  ABC but brothers & sisters oh was i wrong, getting traffic is another drama.

But today i think i want to start a segment for Mondays, #tryingtobeseriousonmondays.

So basically its my own version of the news around the world. I really do not like politics but lets see what me and you can learn, so this is news for the people that don’t watch or read the news.

News For Lazy People:

The average city dweller in Kenya pays 16 bribes a month – According to globalpost, in summary,  every person over there is a walking ATM, apparently the police do not even try to do their jobs, as a criminal, life is easy, because as soon as you are arrested, you can just pay and get your freedom “#payasyougo and for the peace loving citizens, paying bribes keeps you out of jail ( i thought Nigeria does not have hope, Alas, there is light at the end of the tunnel). Go and read the remaining on

Congressional candidate accidentally posts screenshot with porn tabs visible, says he was looking for an ‘evil operator’

Yeah evil operator it is, i totally believe this guy, why you ask? Well, because he his a conservative person and i believe he his looking for the evil operator, his name Mike Webbs, he actually posted the screenshots on his facebook page himself, so that shows he his very transparent. Read the rest of the story on

Countries that still have nuclear weapons – There are around 15,850 nuclear warheads in the world, spread between nine nations.

Why? i really don’t know why they have them, Barack Obama is calling for a world without nuclear weapons. The countries are as follows:

Russia – 7500 nuclear weapons, just kuku kill all of us

USA – 7200, Mr Obama Just shattup

France – 300- oh well

China – 250 surprised they have this low

United Kingdom -215, i did not think they will have, #heartbroken

Pakistan – 100-120 they are lying, there is more

India – 90-110

Israel – they lying

North Korea – <10, Mother of all liars

Yes, i know there are more, but this is what caught my attention, Judge much…Georgina

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