Visit Tecno Mobile’s Stands To Experience The Camon Cm And Win Instant Manchester City Gift Pack

The Camon CM is the latest full view smartphone in town and the good news is, you can now experience the device at TECNO Mobile’s Stand and win instant gift for yourself. Amazing right.

The CAMON CM is a 5.7-inch full view smartphone that offers immersive display experience for videos, gaming and instant messaging. Meaning you see more, read more, watch and enjoy more, thanks to its 18:9 full view display on the device.


The device is now available at TECNO Mobile’s stores Nationwide for just N47,000 and if you will like to win Manchester City Branded gift items all you need do is, visit TECNO’s stand at the locations on the image above, experience the Camon CM 18:9 full display, then take a picture and share online with the hashtag #ExpandYourHorizons.

The Camon CM is TECNO’s first full view smartphone and it is the best value for customers. It has a 13MP front and rear camera that captures stunning portraits, Selfies and nightlife photos due to its night shot algorithm and ultra-bright flashlights.

Selected Locations where you can experience the Camon CM

  1. 3Chub HQ, Computer Village from 24th Jan-25th, 2018
  2. TECNO Exclusive, Maryland Mall, Lagos, 26th Jan-27th2018
  3. Play Ibadan. Oyo state, 30th-31st Jan. 2018
  4. ICOM Mobile Choba, PortHarcourt. 23rd Jan-24th2018
  5. Callus Miller 1, PortHarcourt, 25th Jan-26th2018
  6. Rewjido PortHarcourt, 26th Jan-27th2018
  7. Nu Dimensions Phones, Abuja, 25th Jan-26th2018
  8. Phone Data World, 26th-27th2018
  9. SMB Shanon Global Ventures 26th Jan-27th2018
  10. Fine Brother HQ, Enugu 25th -26th2018


The first Five [5] people to share their pictures online with the right hashtag from each location will get a branded Manchester City gift pack delivered to them.

For more information, visit TECNO Mobile’s Facebook page.

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