Wannabe Boyfriend

Yes the guy is hot but the real reason why this post is here is because of the various types of wannabe boyfriend in Lagos :

The Transformer

This is the guy that will not stop complaining about  how your hair is not in place, or how the dress you are wearing does not suit you, he his not your boyfriend yet but he wants to Transform you, This man will destroy the rest of your confidence.


This guy just brags about everything he has, some of them are so smooth at it that it does not come off as show off but its still annoying, the worse is, he tells you about his achievement and how many houses they have in the abroad area.

Nice Guy

This guy is suppose to be the ideal for every lady but the sad truth is most girls will rather go for the not so nice guy (badboy), because Mr Nice guy is most of the time boring. The truth must be told.

Bad Guy

Most girls fall for this type of guy, he knows how to sweep them off their feet and causes all the butterflies in your tummy to do like  6 back-flips, but baby geh your butterflies are not the only ones doing a back flips because of him. Ladies Fleeeeee

Egocentric Guy

Naturally, guys are egocentric by nature, so its allowed . However, when you meet a guy that is very  Egocentric, this is a totally different ball game. Even if he wants you, he will rather die than make you see this. If you really want this guy, you have to do want he wants and do things is own way, be ready to rub his Ego forever.

Obessed Lover (Almost A Psychopath most times)

This guy will tell you to snap a picture and send to him, so he his sure about your location, he wants to know your friends more than you, its impossible to have male friends with this guy and he knows every item you bought, your parents bought and he bought for you. see more about him here.

Dependent Guy

This guy will collect everything you have, your money, your body, your future, your past, and your dry bones if possible.

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