What if this Happens on your Wedding?



So i went for a wedding over the weekend, yes weddings are fun and beautiful, the color of this wedding was yellow and green, beautiful women and dapper gents all in yellow gele or fila (cap).

I also noticed that there was heavy military guards around the couple, the military guys were literally carrying big guns, don’t ask me the name, as i don’t know, was wondering if the groom was in the military.

Everything seemed OK at first, with food and drinks on every table and everybody chatting away, finally it was time for the groom and bride to be ushered into the reception hall, i guess that is everybody’s favorite part of the wedding, checking to see who dances better groom or bride.

Finally, the  couple were dancing down the aisle, the next thing we knew some guys came to aisle all wearing yellow berets dancing, jumping and chanting some sort of confraternity song, and then one of them ran to meet the Dj and made sure he stopped playing the music, so we the guest could hear whatever song they were chanting, this charade lasted for about 3 mins, at this point it was clear to everyone that the groom belonged to some sort of confraternity, and why there were heavily armed military men around the couple.

If this happened to you on your wedding day in the presence of parents, pastors, well wishers & non-well wishers, how will you react?


PS : the picture above is not the wedding being talked about.

4 thoughts on “What if this Happens on your Wedding?”

  1. First of all, I’ll be totally embarrassed.. Cant just deal…

    i hope the wife is a praying woman ..if not, ehnnnn!

    I can just imagine what will be going on in the minds of the bride’s parents…like”hope we dint make a mistake by approving dis”

    The pastors, am sure would have been casting and binding under tones..

    May the Lord be with the couple…*Amen*

  2. lmfao…. wow… i’m quite sure the groom had known all along that they were going to do something like that as that won’t be the fira=st wedding in the cult so he can’t claim to be suprised.

    I also know that if the woman were very womanish, she’d have known a long time ago that he was in a confraternity. Women always know things



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