What kind of Snooper Are You?


A snooper in my own dictionary is a lady or guy that goes through his partner’s phone.

Many questions that goes through my mind :

Is it right to snoop?

So what if i snoop?

Why should you be angry if i check through your phones? its no big deal

Does snooping mean i do not trust my partner ?

Types of Snoopers :

The Silent Snooper – This type of partner goes through your phone just out of curiosity, not because they are going to react to whatever they find on it, i think this type of snoopers are quite harmless.

Vindictive Snooper – This type of partner is going to through your phone, in other to punish or revenge for something you may have done without even realizing you did something wrong in the past.



Suspicious Snooper – This is the most popular category of snoopers, the moment you think your partner is cheating or being shady, you grab every opportunity you have to go through their phones.




Beyonce sef dey snoop…..lol…

What do you think @naijasinglegirl

What type of snooper are you?





1 thought on “What kind of Snooper Are You?”

  1. Me I’m all of the above oh. . But after seeing d unspeakables in my husband’s phone, I’ve vowed never to snoop again. Lool

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