What really is a Stereotype?


In social psychology, a stereotype is a thought that can be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things. These thoughts or beliefs may or may not accurately reflect reality. However, this is only a fundamental psychological definition of a stereotype. ( this is what google says…not me)

7)Omo-Pastor : remember that Ajebutter song…hmmm

6.  Yourba Demon  – This is actually not that serious, i think its a joke. Just because one guy puts on White Agbada with some nice shoes does not make him a yoruba demon. To be a yoruba demon is deeper than that….when you meet a yoruba demon trust me you will know.

5. Africa is a country –  This annoys me, the Black & White American Olodos be calling Africa a country. Like seriously!!! And to think that i was beaten silly in primary school just so  i could memorize all the continents of the world,yet the people whose continents we’r memorizing do not even know ours…so annoying.

4. Children without a father figure are always miscreant – This is very sad, because i have seen a lot of people that have done very well for themselves without a father figure to look up to, which makes it more amazing for kids from single moms doing well.

3. Yoruba Boys like girls – Most boys like girls ….hmmm yeah True.

2. Igbo Boys like Money – Well, just maybe they do….lmao, yeah i am being judgmental

1. Calabar Girls like sex – Who started this? like there are so many Yoruba, Igbo & Benin girls that like sex. So please stop with this. I can’t see a calabar girl without thinking about it.

What other stereotypes do you know?

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