What is it about Time?

Most people start their days imagining how their day will go. In my own case, I just get up and go! But when I do stay back and think, these are the thoughts & questions that cross my mind:

How did tomorrow become today and yesterday become the day before? What are days? Who designed it as so? As a kid I used to imagine days just like a massive camera film where today literally moves up into the sky and the next day jumps in from the ground.

Somebody died yesterday, why did he/she go? Was it their time? Is there a serial number or time stamps on our heads, about the day we die?
Why did I survive today? Will I survive tomorrow and do I even deserve tomorrow?

What is it with the time that is going to make today yesterday, tomorrow?

Who made time the most important thing in our lives and then that infamous saying “No one knows tomorrow”, what if I know my tomorrow?

And then the saying ‘Time waits for no man’ but time was made by man.

Without the concept of time, we would not have to worry about tomorrow and achievements that are associated with time such as graduating school, getting married, having kids.

The accompanying restrictions, pressure and stress of wanting to achieve certain things in this life before our time is over.

Without time, it will just one long freaking day that has decided not to end

When all these questions begin to bother me, I just snap out of it remember and why I am better of when I just wake up and LIVE.

But remember that time is an illusion created by man to keep men in the shackles of fear.

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