When A Girl Should Cheat


So based on the feedback from my last post see here, i had to do a version for the ladies so that they won’t pee in their pants, just because am all for girl power and all the necessary.

Since nature or our biological clock will not let us win this battle we have decided to win the battle on our own.

If you are married this is soooo not for you. (Kin ma da le ru)

Why you should cheat on your guy:

– If he has never showed you off to his friends or taken you out to a gathering with his friends. – Sister cheat, you are just small chops infact not the entire thing, just the samosa

– If he does not make you see a little part of the heavens during the sex – Girl, you are missing in action

– When he makes you feel less of a person – makes you feel like you cannot survive without him – Girrrrrrrlllll you need to cheat.

– When all he does is have sex with you anytime you guys see (sister you will soon finish) – this is not even something you should cheat about, please fleeee.

– When you don’t get any attention from him, especially if he is one of those game playing addicts or his attention is always somewhere else – Sister, do the needful

– If he has never bought you a gift since you both started dating….why so stingy – Dear, cheat

– If he does not support your dreams & aspiration or is jealous of your achievement – Please just move on #aintnobodygottimeforthis

– When he remembers his best friend’s (a girl) birthday but you always have to remind him about yours – (say this like a prayer point) What are you waiting for….aduraaaaa

– When you have NEVER gotten a shout out on his facebook, instagram etc page –  Put yourself there by force  or just maybe you should consider the C word

Disclaimer – I know that girls are generally good at multitasking, but if you are caught cheating you are on your own. These boys cannot take it  when they are cheated on by their girl……ordinary small text message from another guy – “hey luv”, they wee just breakup with you.


2 thoughts on “When A Girl Should Cheat”

  1. Now I love this… thanks Oye Sugar needs to see this.. *wink* for now no reason to cheat but just incase he’s thinking of changing 😉😃

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