When A Guy Should Cheat


Since we are playing devil’s advocate- see why here, i will be telling the male folks when they should cheat on their spouse not married spouse ooo (abeg..o ) :

Generally, Nature allows a man to cheat, you will ask why?

1. A man produces billions and tons of sperm each time he shoots his spun, only to recover within few minutes to an hour and they are ready to produce another billion (very unfair).

2. No biological clock meaning baba can produce healthy sperms till the day his heart stops working, unlike the ladies where the clock is constantly telling you the time.

So Yeah, nature is part of why they can cheat.

To the real reasons why you should cheat on your girl:

-When your girl is not letting you get the cookie at least after 90 days…lol you should cheat on her ass, especially if she is not a V and is not on any type of cleanse E.G Man cleanse.

– When she finally lets you get it and all she does is lie down like a log of wood, while you do all the work. Oga…help yourself

– When she always has an excuse  not to go out with you.

You: “Lets go hangout with my friends”… Her: – “Its boring for me, just you, your friends & beer? not interested!!!

You: “Lets go c a movie at the cinema”… Her: – “Not interested in seeing your type of movies and listening to people chewing popcorn.”

You: “Lets go to the beach”… Her: “I’m way of over that.”

– When she does not like to put on makeup and dress-up  to look good every once in a while, all in the name of – “i like my natural state” – Please do the needful.

– When she compares you to an Ex all the time – Please cheat

– When you started dating her because she looks good but that’s just all it is, there is no brain. Yeah, you can cheat.

P.S – what were you expecting in the first place, when you started dating her because of her looks. Your cup of tea.

– When all she does is ask you for money because you are MR NICE GUY- become a fcuk boy o jare…

– When she does not support any of your dreams, aspirations or future plans but cares only about the present situation. – Ditch her

Disclaimer – I did not advise you to cheat on your girlfriend based on all the things listed above. If you are caught, you are on your OWN

I have also noticed that most guys cannot multitask, meaning we always catch you when you cheat. SO if your multitasking skills is below 5 don’t bother.

7 thoughts on “When A Guy Should Cheat”

  1. I can imagine all the guys jubilating over this post…hnnnmm.
    I try my best to keep my baby happy.
    However, dearest Boo, should u come by mistake to this post and i catch u doing any of these things…
    #Justwaitforit ehn ..wait!

    And dear writer,seeing that u have given guys rights to shina,pls when can the ladies have theirs hnm?

  2. Ladies, Kindly make use, to measure your positions in your relationships and side hook ups. A lot know these facts but careless! Why? some assume their spouses are faithful, some are getting “some” outside the relationship and careless while others haven fallen for the yoruba demons in their men.

    So my question is are there ways to cheat without getting caught or signs to know when Men cheat.

    Nice write-up!!.

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