When Love is Not Enough


What is Love ?

Wikipedia Definition – Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure. It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment.

My definition of love – Love is having a strong attraction for person or something; knowing fully well that you won’t survive without this person or this thing….like my love for shoes.

I was watching a clip of Steve Harvey’s show and he said the full meaning of LOVE is Legs Open Verily Easily. I totally agree – this goes to the people that mistaken love for lust.

When you watch all the romantic comedies, they make you believe in love, imagine Sound of Music- when they made the strict captain fall in love with Maria from the convent, i can imagine how sad i would have been back then if he had married that rich proud lady of his class.

Another example, Cinderella, this story has been programmed into the minds of many girls, like glue…every girl somewhere in the bum bum of their heart is hoping for prince charming in one form or the other.

Hollywood’s romantic comedies tell us that love is a fantastic chemical reaction in your brain that triggers intense feelings of joy, passion and butterflies.  Love can be that, but if that’s your whole picture of love then be prepared for a bit of a reality shocker.

Is love really enough? the answer is NO. Love actually makes sure we make the most stupid and silly decisions ever.

I will be listing a few things that will help your love to become a package.

Prayer : My brothers & sisters, you need to get down on your knees and prayyyy, hmmmm just pray and pray. Fix it….. Jesus. Watch War Room for more understanding.

Self Respect : This is the most important thing, if your husband/bf does not respect you or vice versa, , girrrl you need to earn it…have you seen MR & MRS?… please watch it.

Sex : Your sex game has to be on point MAN OR WOMAN, you don’t want some random girl showing your man new tricks, watch Kama Sutra if you have to, don’t be boring in the bedroom, be spontaneous.

As for the men, watch and READ 50 shades of grey…please help your career in the bedroom (read because the movie did not do any justice to the book). (i am not asking that you beat your wife to stupor, but you can learn a thing or two)

Finance – This right here, is very important, even Ecc 10:19 ……….Money answereth all things. Love is not sweet without money, you both need a plan to make that money.

Patience & Tolerance – For the married ones, this is mostly for you, you need to be veryy y y y patient with your partner and also tolerate your spouse, we are all from different background and unlike marriage most times you are not going anywhere.

Anyways, what do i know……


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