Who Am I ?

When you go for an interview or some of those personal meetings, the question “Who Are You” is always asked.

I pray not to get asked that question because i feel i do not have the right answer to that question.

When i do get asked that question, a lot goes through my mind.

Am i to just tell them about me because that is easy.

Do i tell tell about my journey? things that make me laugh or sad?

Are they asking about my experiences, scars that have now become life lessons, because in my opinion all these things make me who i am and am not sure that could be said in a few sentences.

Or is just simply the food i eat, the school i went to? my type of friends? Whether i like movies or not?

Am i the only one that get confused when asked with this simple question or is just that am not smart enough to answer this question?

Oh well, maybe i am just not ready to answer the question. “Who am I?”

Am i still discovering myself?

Is there anybody else that can’t answer the question?


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