Who Big D Don Epp?


I have had this post on my archive for a while now but I had to garner up the courage to put this up, but today am like fcuk this am going to drop this.

So the notion that all girls like big dciks is totally wrong, yeah a couple of girls do like it big, just like guys have preference with the size of the ass or boob they want. Ladies also have preference.


MOST times a big dcik equals pain, just look at this picture and imagine your sister in this situation, am sure you won’t like this injustice:


So there was this story of a man that felt like his dcik was too small and was not satisfying his wife enough, so he used one of those enhancing things, now the wife wants a divorce on the grounds that her cervix is in serious damage.

An average woman prefers an appendage that is only ‘slightly above average’ – and is less bothered about size when in a long-term relationship.

To the Nigerian men that think your size is everything, believe me you are wrong,

For the ones that have this very big sizes, polls have it that most of them are terrible and lazy lovers in bed, all they do is ram into you without any form of foreplay. This is an act of wickedness you need to stop it, it’s bad enough that the girl has to pretend to like the size (girlll…why are you even pretending,you wanna die?).

A few feedbacks from the ladies :

I had to see a doctor the day after because I thought he had shifted my womb

It feels like he his banging on my cervix

I’m very nervous about sex with him because i am sure i will be getting hurt

Lesson: Get your foreplay game up to another level and don’t be lazy. Who big dcik don epp?

For the ones that are insecure about their size, seriously, MOST girls prefer foreplay most times to the real business, there is so much work to with your hands. Do your research.

Like i said ……Foreplay is KEY


4 thoughts on “Who Big D Don Epp?”

  1. I hope niggas sees this and chill. Not just your hands self, the use of your tongue and lips is key. Don’t rush the pussy, let it want you. And I noticed that insecurity is the most unattractive quality a person can possess.

  2. Nigga need to chill. The best way to enjoy sex is if she’s enjoying it. Don’t treat the pussy like it’s war. show some love

  3. i dont think any dick is too big, i mean a baby comes out of that vagina, heck there aint no dick as large as a baby, so my fellow advice to all dudes like moi out there indulge her in copious foreplay and get her dripping wet before sliding in the D,The bigger the better.

  4. Well said Triple A………

    God made women so wonderfully that she can adjust to whatever she receives… doesn’t mean a man should ramp the pussy and should learn explicit moves of foreplay..

    Its all for the Art called Sex.

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