Why Are You Still Single?



Single girl drama in Naija, allow me to be cliche every once in a while.

So as a single girl in Nigeria, most family members & friends have plans for you, especially when you are in your mid-twenties, done with school, Nysc and top it all you have a job, y’all know what the next question is ? Where is your husband or fiancee?

I don’t even have anything to say to the old men and women that question me and my fellow single ladies  about the marriage drama, its OK, we will live through it.

What baffles me more is the boys, guys or maybe Men that ask you that silly question.

I’m like don’t you have a girlfriend? Who does the proposal ; the babe or you, is not all dependent on when the MAN/BOY/GUY is ready, so why ask me questions like am the one that is not getting this marriage thing on, its actually really annoying.

2 Scenarios i have had that still surprises me when i remember them are :

i)  The last time i spoke to an Ex on whats-app after a very long time, the question was – oh so how is your fiancee? Egbami what is he trying to say – he expects that i should be married, so i am suppose to say oh i don’t have a fiancee and then he goes WHY, what happened, why you not this or that……oh please…..y’all should go and lick stew.

ii)  This other guy pings me occasionally and all he does is to ask me when he is coming for my wedding…..how annoying .That conversation topic was the last, i made sure of it.

It went like this:

Guy – How far na, when we dey come your wedding?

Me – Is that why you pinged, to remind me that am not married?

Me – to let me know that time is running out?

Me – To make me sad?

Me – ok, am sad am not married, are you happy now?

Guy – No, i did not mean it like that…are you angry?

Me – No am not…was just saying.

So yes, some of us do want to get married while some of us are not interested but please try not to shame a single working class girl because she is not married. It may just be that her boyfriend is still trying to find his way, what is it guys are always looking for again….hmmm, i really don’t know.

Bottom line, please leave the question alone, we will get married when we are to be married. Also, just keep calm you might just get an invite.


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