Why I Don’t Lend Guys Money

I have a friend…lets say her name is Tope….she does not like to borrow people money anymore because she does not play when she needs her money back, don’t get me wrong she is a very nice person but she does not play when it comes to money.

Funny thing about Tope is that she has a lot of boys that obviously have money but always wanting to borrow from her, we have never been able to figure out why?

The incident i have not been able to stop laughing was one time when she was in her final year, that time when you always re-calculate every meal and every trip to a place, this guy comes to borrow from Tope, let’s say his name is Abdul (trying not to use an igbo name)…anyways, Abdul comes to Tope on a Friday evening and says he his about to die (Yes..i exxaggerate …a lil) and he needs money to go to heaven bla bla bla and he will return first thing on monday morning…. Tope being an ANGEL that she is gives the last 12k on her to Abdul since she had extra 1k that will last her for the weekend (yeah this happened in Ibadan so 1k will do).

Fast Forward to Monday, Abdul starts to stall with the money claiming he his coming  with it, this stalling went on till Friday that week. Saturday evening,  Tope sees a few of Abdul’s friends and she explains her ordeal with Abdul to them and the guys are like they are sorry but Abdul does not pay back monies (this is actually correct in English) that he borrows that she should just let go….my girl is like really…watch me get back my money…i wee get back to you guys with good news, they all laughed and dispersed.

Sunday evening, nice Tope gets on facebook and looks for names of people with the same surname as Abdul and sends them a message. “Your brother ABDUL borrowed 12000 from me last week and he has refused to pay me my money, please help me beg him has i am just a student in the university trying to survive.” This message was sent to everyone on facebook with Abdul’s surname, she did not care whether they were family or not.

First thing on Monday morning, Abdul comes to see my friend Tope in her house with her 12k…..she thanked him alot.

So my question is “did she go to too far or not?”

2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Lend Guys Money”

  1. She didn’t go too far at all… in fact maybe Linda would have been fine with his picture there.. hehehe

  2. Correct!!!!! She was in fact moderate, when he could have been threatened well if she was that sort of person. But my own question is why borrow when Plan B is sure but shaky… shouldn’t thereby a Plan C as a fall back and not just been rich off borrowed money…


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