Why Marriage is a Priority For Women

As a lady, I will not pretend to know the struggle of men because I do not. However, I can tell you about the many struggles of being a woman & the above topic being at the top of that list. This topic has been over-flogged severally but you have not read my approach right? So take chill pill & read.

When my teenage years came around, it started in tiny bits, can’t you pick that trash up, did you sweep under the chairs properly, see how oily the plates you washed are, is this what you will do when you get to your husband’s house said my aunt.

By the time I burnt my first pot of soup, I had heard references about how to behave when I’m married, this is not necessarily from my parents alone but sisters, aunties, uncles & extended families included.
As a girl, you have been pre-conditioned to understand that you are going to get married & marriage is going to be the highest achievement you will have to attain. The statement, “small conversation with the women & they are already planning out the wedding”, is really a thing but you cannot blame me, for planning the wedding, I have been told to expect marriage at the end of all that schooling.

So why are you surprised or complaining about me planning my marriage when the society gives respect to a married more than a single woman instead help to change the narrative when you have your little girl, tell her that she needs to become the best surgeon in the world, the first person to end world poverty, the first person to make Africa the most respect continent in the world above America ( never say never),

Its 2019 & the narrative is changing, some women will say, I do not care about getting married well a few of them really mean it but not all of them but we still drag this women & call them men haters simply because they dare to speak up against the norm.

The point is, the programming of the girl child needs to change & ask yourself whether you really want to be a part of that change in programming.

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