Why you should get a pair of spiky shoes… #SpikyHaven



Degraspike 120mm pump in a patent ocean & amazon dégradé-effect; retails for $1065

Spiky shoes are fierce and screams fashionista, christain Louboutin never goes wrong with red bottoms and they are every girl wants in a shoe closet.

These spikes shoes can be paired with dresses, skirt suit or pant suit, they are the perfect board room shoes. Flip side – you don’t want to trip on this pair of shoes, say bye to heels for long time.




These feminine 120mm pump in rose ditigale patent leather is all you need to become an empress of the evening. Retails for $1375

1 thought on “Why you should get a pair of spiky shoes… #SpikyHaven”

  1. “Courage” is the word. I won’t even try it. its quite pricey for the kind of risk it comes with. But I would love it on other people who have that unusual courage to rock it.

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