WIZKID – “The Music” Now and Before


What are we listening to these days, all we hear is noise, noise and more jargons. I wonder what the lyrics mean.

CASE STUDY – Wizzy wizzy

Lets take a look at wizkid’s music now and before

Before – Love my baby Vs Now – Baba Nla

I can’t stop listening to Love my baby, back then in school all my friends and i listened to, was this song.

The days when you think God….after school, i will get a job and the song makes you feel like – the love of your life will walk into your life and sweep you off your feet but alas, we are listening to Baba Nla and you realize the love of your life is still sleeping ………… or like i always say – God is still having a discussion with him on how to behave when we finally meet.

Baba Nla just made me have second thought about the song love my baby, fast forward to present day, this is how i see the song.

Love my baby

Verse 1 :

oh my love
I’ll never ever ever ever do you wrong – {See this is the dream right here…..hmmm story for the gods}
I will always always always do you right – {Well the guy has and official and unofficial baby mama, who his he doing right}
I’ll treat you like a queen – {Wow…just wow}
I’ll buy you diamond rings – {*faints*}
i swear my baby i say no be lie – {Yeah it really true, your love will never lie to you}
i love to hear u laugh and watch you smile – {Well, give or take this happens}
I’ll give you all the finest things in life – {Make sure you work your ass off to get your own}
you are the angel of my life -{ No comment}
the love of my life – {I said No comment}

i love my baby thats my baby
i will treat my baby right
hold my baby tight
baby no be lie                    {Don’t get me wrong, this was good music back in the day}
i love my baby                   {The guy was making good music but ki lo ni owo fun….hmmm BABA NLA}
thats my baby
i will treat my baby right
hold my baby tight
baby no be lie
i love my baby oh oh oh ohhhh
thats my baby eh eh eh ehhhhh on


Verse 1

I get girl for my yard wey get big big baka wey dey make me feel amazing gal – {Is this why we are here ?}
I get one wey dey give me things I need ah hahn hahn – {Things like what ?}
I get one wey dey make me feel nice, she slow dance I no fit leave am girl -{ Perv}
I get one wey one give me kids and leave ah hahn hahn – {Bobo yi o ni sense….one bit}

CHORUS : is this even a chorus

But my gbedu is final – {How is this final, this does not even make it to the group stage}
Wizzy baby, Baba Nla – yeah
My girl wear designer – {how does this line make it to the song}
Everything wey I give am final ey yeh – {Go back to the studio, give us love my baby remix and a video, still mad that there is no video (wizzy i can never forgive you for this atrocity)}
I no like wahala – {With one official and yet to be confirmed official baby mama, i beg to differ, you like wahala}
But Wizzy baby, Baba Nla – {********}
Say my gbedu is final – {Say whatttttttt}
When me drop, everybody no dey tire ey yeh – {Please we are tired already, give me more of Ni Ojuelegba….. yeah that’s a jam.}

I can’t even put up good response (memes) for the song because the whole thing is already a joke in itself

From a die HARD FAN ….i still love wizzy wizzy ….wizkid…wizzy & olamide

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3 thoughts on “WIZKID – “The Music” Now and Before”

  1. hmmmmmmmmmm (a long heave). Wish i can have more people like you who share this same view. Well, like i will always say, the music industry is currently and unarguably at a deteriorated state and in dire need of re-invention.
    Winks at kemi, this is terrific.

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