Work and All its Drama

Lets do work politics and its drama today.

Have you ever been in that place at work were certain people frustrate your effort, that work is easier than the people you have to work with.

Trust me, I have been there and am still dealing with it. I’m like every other regular person, every once in a while you engage in office gossip (bite me) but lets face it, everybody does it at one point in time, whether you choose to deny it but then there is a limit to everything.

We all need to unlearn and re-learn a lot of things and these are the things that help you learn in life and shape you into the person that you are, how you respond to this various situations are the most important.

If you are like me, you just want to explode and literally slap some sense into them, especially when you have to work with manipulative, calculating & controlling people, that think they can do anything they want at their time and when things don’t go the way they want it, they throw tantrums. Sadly slapping people in the office is not permitted, the last time i checked.

Best Ways to Handle Such Situations:

Keep the relationship formal and be very professional.

Stay away from office gossip, especially when it has to do with people you seem to always have a problem with.

Stay away from office politics (except you work with the government, “BE THE POLITICS”) and simply do your job and more than your job, someone somewhere sees your effort.

Always mind your business, if you were not asked for an opinion on issues that are not office related, then just keep your opinions to yourself, nobody needs it.

Be Polite and do not be condescending to anyone.

Stop trying to please everybody, it just makes you seem corny.

Be a problem solver

Learn to speak up for yourself but make sure its at the right time.

Say NO to DRAMA today

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