I Have Worn The Dress Before & Posted It Online

Ladies this is about us, I have a wedding this Saturday and I do not know what to wear because I do not have money to buy a new dress, fortunately, I have a yellow dress that I have refused to wear until I make a few adjustments and alteration to this dress, I finally decided to make the edits to this dress because I do not have money to buy a new dress for this wedding, obviously I did not buy aso ebi for this event.

Which brings me to why I’m writing this post, who gave us this unsaid rule that we cannot wear our dress twice or thrice to a wedding, work with me here ladies please, Why can’t I wear it again .. E jo why do I feel like if I do it, I can hear your voice in my head saying is that the only dress she has? Georgina please why are you saying that?


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