Worst Trends of 2015

Today is the last day of the year, lets take time to look at all the fashion trends that people were crazy about.

2015 was a very crazy year in the fashion world, as people left their comfort zones and tried new styles which worked for them and for some, not so much. There were the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

We took a little poll to ask people what they think about all the trends we had this year and the results are in.

Worse Trend of 2015 (Top 4)

No 4 – Crop Top and leggings

If you are not off to the gym or working out somewhere, there is no need for this outfit, the outfit just screams trashy when its worn as an outfit for an event.



No 3 – Selfie Sticks

Selfie Sticks are very cool and the best way to take a group picture, but people have taken the use of selfie sticks to a whole new level. We now have people using selfie sticks at funerals, its a burial for God’s sake, its so crazy, its now a “Narcisstick,”



No 2 – Cape Trend

This trend made awesome by Lupita N’yong in 2014, we talked about this in one of our previous post read here. it was a really nice outfit until people decided that they wanted to be superwomen, batwomen etc

No 1 – Septum Ring

This is by far the worst fashion trend of 2015 as it left most ladies looking like Bullocks and Cows. The origin of the ring can be traced to Punk artists and also farmers who used the rings to  break bulls for the farm life. It is our hope that this trend dies with 2015 so that our girls look like the human beings that they are and not some farm animals – Anonymous



What was your worst?

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