Yes come and beat me in my house, when I finally have someone to settle down with some day, Yes I will have a joint account with the person.

Like the phrase goes don’t just work hard work smart.

The other day on Instagram one of the popular accounts asked whether the ladies could have a joint account with their To-be husbands.

Trust there were a lot of replies about how they could never do this or do that, like every other thing on social media, people pretend to be what they are not on social media.

Another example one time a guy talked about how he invited one of the girls he met on social media to his house, they had fun, ate etc, then the babe packed the plates went to the kitchen to wash them and he was shocked to see this happen because this was the same girl on Twitter going on about how she can’t do that or this. He confronted her about it, sister could not say anything.

Back to my initial topic, a lot of girls on social media were saying they can’t have a joint account with the supposed love of their lives, truth MOST of these girls be lying.

Personally, if I decide that this is the man I want to get married to, yes I will have a joint account with him.

You just need to be smart with it and then secondly if you can’t do this with the supposed love of your life then maybe you should reconsider marrying such a person.

I said you should be smart right, what do I mean?

Say you earn 100 naira, why can’t you put 20 naira into an account you both own, it’s an agreed amount and even if you break up you definitely will be able to get your money back, it’s a joint account, so you both are joint signatories to the account, meaning one cannot get the money without the consent of the other.

Simply put if you cannot do this with the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with then do not marry the person.

Don’t let the people on social media deceive you, most of them CANNOT do half of the things they say online.


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