Yomi Casual’s Proposal VS LIB Commenters

So I was eavesdropping on my colleagues or maybe not eavesdrop, I heard their conversation about Yomi Casual proposing to his longtime girlfriend, when I initially read the news on blogs, I just smiled like another celebrity wedding something.

But when my colleagues were having their conversation, it was a different story, apparently he has a baby mama whom he left at port Harcourt to come to Lagos and apparently the baby mama made some sacrifices for that move but when he became a celeb tailor the story changed.

Just as I was about to finish this post with my usual long epistles, that was only going to be an example in to a topic, these commenters on LIB made me change my mind,

So my initial post has been postponed till another day:

See comments from LIB below

Anonymous said…

So Yomi! After everything Faith did for you, you ended up marrying this b*tch!!! You think God won’t punish you for using and dumping Faith?? She stayed with you when you didn’t have shit, had a child for you, yet you ended up proposing to your side chick. You didn’t even propose to your main chick that has been looking after your child, it’s this ashawo side chick that you proposed to. #Karma is a bitch!

Anonymous said…

Will the girlfriend tell me she is not aware that Yemi is GAY? Or should I say bisexual


All these hungry ladies sef… .

Anonymous said…

Be happy for Faith.. God is good to her.. Who needs Yomi that ducks via the ANUS… Abeg ask your friend to go and do thanksgiving IN Church jarre

Anonymous said…

If AY makun had married another lady instead of pitying MABEL and marrying her because she had a daughter for him, all this accusations and counter accusations of infidelity won’t be there and all these insecurities by MABEL won’t be there…


So, I think I applaud Yomi The GAY causal for marrying another person instead of faith.. It is not by force to marry your Baby Mama… Same mistake PETER of P square did by marrying LOLA… You don’t marry a woman outta pity, you marry her because you love her.


As for Faith, be happy sef that Yomi the GAY casual did not marry you.. Your back yansh for hear am.. And are you not afraid of being infected with diseases?

How far my people. What is really happening?

Re these guys leaving with this people? How do they know so much?

All of a sudden the guy is GAY!!!!

Peter of P.square entered the matter.

Guys abeg please what is dollar rate now?

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