Yoruba Boys where is your focus?????

In 2016 as we all know, was a year full of many weddings and engagements, I wish all the couples a blissful marriage.

But let’s talk about the issue at hand .

Have you noticed the number of Yoruba men marrying Igbo girls or other tribes minus Yoruba, I have love for my girls from those tribes so am not trying to start a tribal war…..bet wait, f**k I already started it…..

Yes there are a lot of inter-tribal marriages between Igbo and Yoruba or Edo, Urobo and Yoruba but this is simply between Yoruba Boys & Igbo, edo etc girls. When you compare the number of Igbo boys marrying Yoruba girls to the latter, you can understand my pain.
This is not to say Igbo, Urobo or Benin men do not date Yoruba women, they do but this never graduates to marriage. These men never lose focus no matter the amount of Yoruba bum in their faces. They know their goal and where they are going to, they stay committed to their journey.
But my Yoruba brothers, their focus is like that of a pendulum bob moving from left the right in seconds upon little distraction, they become confused and lose focus….you people should plaiz your focus (in falz’s boys).

So I checked a couple of forums and this is what was said about the situation:
“Just got married to a stunning damsel from my Idenmili town and she calls me “Nnaa”. Gives me goose bumps.
Now,if you must know I’m both emotionally and morally against any marriage involving Igbo and Yoruba. I believe it is more between yoruba guys and Igbo girls and we all know men are the ones who go after women not the other way round.

So,I wanna ask yoruba guys this; Is anything wrong with your women ? I heard they all have big behind like Omotola and Tolu Oniru but I still can’t tell why you still fancy the “bearded”,”muscular” and “materialistic” Igbo women. Yes,leave those ugly Igbo women the mess alone. Face your women because I believe there are a lot of good qualities in them.
I look down on any Igbo woman married to a yoruba man.
I actually prefer the non Igbo in Edo,Delta and Ekoi groups.” From Ask Naija

Another comment. Sadly from a Yoruba brother:

“first off am Yoruba and have 4 brothers and no sister. I swear never to marry anybody but yoruba girls but they disapoint me. I dated Edo, calabar, Fulani, Ibo and life was good till i met my yoruba women.

1 they always fighting or looking to fight you yo

2 they cant keep hygiene uptite and one foul smell or another offensive odor must be coming from them. I don’t know why it is only yoruba women that stinks like putrid milk.

3 they all have ugly monkey face. why god make we yoruba guys look finer and better and smarter than our women suprise me. only 1 out of every 25 yoruba girls looks good compared to Bini, Ibo, Hausa, Calabar girls.

4 they get yansh but the yansh is never clean. whats the use of a dirty yansh.

5 so dont blame me for saying goodbye to yoruba girls. insha Allah, I will find a good muslim Edo, Ibo or Fulani girl and bless her life by marying her.

To all my Yoruba women wey go wan vex for me i say malu-brain o mo eeyan ri . E wa ibi gba!” Nairaland commenter

One time I walked in on my colleagues talking about how Igbo women are more enterprising than the Yoruba woman, this I do not agree with, women being enterprising as nothing to do with your tribe, but then there is the saying that igbo people generally like money, so it means Igbo people are generally more enterprising than Yoruba people generally, not gender.
Basically my question is what are the igbo girls doing right that Yoruba boys are all over them and their men are not over the Yoruba girls.


From a deeply pained Yoruba girl…

4 thoughts on “Yoruba Boys where is your focus?????”

  1. whats up with the number 3 though…. i find it very cliche and irritating. Because one girl smelled and is dirty and all of a sudden all yoruba girls are dirty and smelly.. You better state the real reason why you are not serious in the relationship.

  2. Lovely write-up!! This is very true and will continue to happen, my reasons are:
    1. Igbo girls are sweet mouthed in other words dem sabi toast guys! Might not be “guy type” of toasting but they know how to appreciate Men.
    2. Igbo girls are observant.
    3. As Yoruba guys are not focussed so are Yoruba girls (Oliver twists in nature); like the crowded attention but can’t seem to select one dude or they can give their “crowd” a measurable attention to separate the boys from Men but they wouldn’t.

    Might be wrong buts my opinion. Cheers.

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