Zamfara Killings & Other Headlines

Zamfara has being buzzing for killings & kidnappings in the last couple of months. Fathers, wives, sons & brothers have lost their lives to bandits whose only purpose is to torment, steal & bully villagers & community leaders.

These bandits sometimes request that the villagers pay taxes before they can carry on their day-to-day activities, they target rich people in the community to kidnap & request for ransom. Majority of the victims are fulani themselves, so what exactly is the reason behind the senseless killings.

However, the federal government through the acting IGP Adamu Mohammed had on Sunday announced the suspension of mining activities in Zamfara state and threatened to revoke licenses of violators of the order to curb the activities of these bandits?

The government also ordered all foreigners engaged in mining activities to leave the area within 48 hours as part of measures to check banditry in the state.

How did the presidency reach a conclusion that mining should be stopped in Zamfara to curb this banditry?

What investigations was carried out to reach this conclusion?

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